Non-Profit & Fundraising

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Nitro Zone Atlanta Offers Fundraising Opportunities

We are Committed to Helping Atlanta’s Local Communities

Nitro Zone is committed to supporting local Atlanta communities and we are proud to share our new fundraising partnership program.

At Nitro Zone, we recognize the importance of having fun while keeping active! We offer a wide-variety of fun indoor activities for kids, teens and adults  – Trampoline Park – Bowling – Indoor Go-karts – Ninja Warrior Training Course – Bazooka Ball – Arcade.  Our indoor facility supports health, fitness and social skills and we want to encourage Atlanta communities – especially children, our future leaders – to stay active through high-energy activities.

We believe that, by providing fundraising opportunities for Atlanta schools, teams, troops and charities, we support local communities through high-energy activities that encourage fitness, team building and confidence. Nitro Zone Atlanta’s fundraising partner program offers a great resource for local Atlanta communities to sell Nitro Zone Atlanta tickets and family packages to bring a fun-filled experience to any kid, parent and adult!

Nitro Zone’s Fundraising Partnership programs can be an excellent resource for local Atlanta schools, teams, and charities who are raising funds and awareness for organization in local communities. When you become a fundraising partner, Nitro Zone will provide tickets for 1.5 hours in our 3-in-1 Action Zone plus Nitro Socks and 1 Game of Bazooka Ball for a discounted price of $20. This combo retail value in-park is $30.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us with your interest and we will send you an application form for: your organization’s name, location, lead representative’s contact information, credit card info that will be on file, estimate of how many people will be participating, the total # of tickets that Nitro Zone will be “loaning you” and our ticket agreement.
  2. Nitro Zone will provide your organization with the specific number of tickets you requested and you will sign for them.
  3. You have 2-weeks to sell the number of allocated tickets. All unsold tickets MUST be returned in 2 weeks or you will pay for the outstanding tickets.
  4. Based on the amount of tickets sold, you will receive a kickback donation.

Partner with Nitro Zone Atlanta for your next fundraising event! Contact us for details.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]