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Safety Guidelines


  • You must be at least 18 years old in order to sign a liability waiver.
  • All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.
  • All participants must provide valid personal information including Full legal name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Birth Date (Driver License).
  • All information collected remains confidential and is used only for verification of participant identity and administration of liability proceedings.
  • In order to purchase and participate in any attraction, each individual must have a current waiver signed.
  • DO NOT participate in any attraction, if you have any health conditions, pre-existing conditions, injuries, are to afraid to participate, exhibit any ailment or injury, if you are pregnant or have had surgery in the past few months or are still recovering from any illness or medical condition, treatment or procedure.
  • ONLY YOU can determine if you or those you are responsible for feel good enough to safely participate in any attraction. Nitro Zone does not, and cannot, guarantee your health, and you fully assume all risks of any activity in which you choose to participate.
  • If Assistance Is Needed, Please As A Nitro Team Member For Help.


The following rules apply to all activities addressed and are categorized by a strike rule system that is enforced by the Nitro employees and management.

Breaking any of the rules listed on signs throughout Nitro Zone can result in one or more strikes.

Any participants that receive 3 or more strikes will result in immediate loss of his/her wristband, will be escorted from the area with no refunds.

We encourage everyone to enjoy our activities and follow the rules for everyone’s safety. Please use appropriate language and act appropriately for each area you are participating in so everyone can have a fun time at Nitro Zone.




  • ONE PERSON on an obstacle/platform at a time.
  • Start on the orange platform and finish on the grey platform for each obstacle.
  • NO tampering with any obstacle.
  • DO NOT climb on any of the metal frameworks that is not part of the course.
    DO NOT swing from or use your legs/feet on any obstacles that are not intended to do so.


  • DO NOT help or assist others onto or through any obstacle.


  • NO fighting, pushing, shoving, bullying or attempting to hurt oneself or anyone else.
  • NEVER cross any caution tape or attempt to do an obstacle that is cautioned off or under construction.
  • Vulgar or Profane language will not be tolerated.